The current Secretary-General


Diego P. Fernández Arroyo


In July 2014, at the 19th World Congress of Comparative Law in Vienna,  Diego P. Fernández Arroyo was elected Secretary-General of the International Academy of Comparative Law. 

The members of the Executive Committee, including the Secretary-General, are elected for a period of four years and are eligible for re-election. (Statutes, art. X)

Some faculties of the Secretary-General

Subject to Article 9 of these Statutes, the Secretary-General is responsible for the scientific programme of the Academy, overseeing the administrative operation of the Academy and supervising the publication of the Academy’s Acts and Proceedings (Statutes, art. XIII).

Members elections may take place every year under conditions to be set down by the Secretary-General (By-Laws, art. 4)

The amount of dues shall be decided by the Secretary-General in consultation with the Executive Committee (By-Laws, art. 7).