The body of knowledge contained in the General Reports and the National Reports to the congresses is published in three ways. Firstly, the local organisers of a congress edit a volume containing all general reports. Secondly, most general reporters undertake the laborious task of publishing thematic volumes that comprise their own general report and the national reports on their subject, thus providing legal scholars across the globe with a comparative survey of their topic. Ultimately, national committees in several countries collect the national reports from their jurisdiction and present them to the legal world in a volume of collected papers or in a special issue of a law journal.

The results of those congresses should be disseminated and be available for legal scholars in a single book series which would make both the Academy and its contribution to comparative law more visible.

The series aims to publish the scholarship emerging from the congresses of IACL/AIDC, including:

1. Of the International Congresses of Comparative Law, which take place every 4 years (Brisbane 2002; Utrecht 2006, Washington 2010, Vienna 2014 etc.) and which generate:
(a) one volume of General Reports edited by the local organizers of the Congress;
(b) up to 30 volumes of selected thematic reports dealing with the topics of the single sections of the congress and containing the General Report as well as the National Reports of that section; these volumes would be edited by the General Reporters of the respective sections;

2. The volumes containing selected contributions to the smaller (2-3 days) thematic congresses which take place between the International Congresses (Mexico 2008; Taipei 2012; Montevideo 2016 etc.); these congresses have a general theme such as “Codification” or “The Enforcement of Law” and will be edited by the local organizers of the respective Congress.

All publications may contain contributions in English and French, the official languages of the Academy.

General Reports


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