Comparative International Law

Comparative International Law, Edited by Anthea Roberts, Edited by Paul B. Stephan, Edited by Pierre-Hugues Verdier, and Edited by Mila Versteeg Oxford University Press, 2017, ISBN: 9780190697570 The summary of the book is reproduced hereafter : “By definition,... read more

Comparative Consumer Sales Law

Comparative Consumer Sales Law, Edited by Geraint Howells, Christian Twigg-Flesner, Hans-W. Micklitz, Chen Lei Routledge, 2017, ISBN 9780754621317 The summary of the book is reproduced hereafter : “For many years, legislators around the world have responded to... read more

Australia : Parliament legalizes same-sex marriage

On December 8, 2017, the Australian Parliament passed a new law authorizing same-sex marriage.  The bill passed its third reading with four members of Parliament in opposition. The new law expands on earlier legislation which already provided equality to same-sex... read more