The Academy is a body of scholars. According to its Statutes it is composed of Titular Members, elected by the Titular Members preceding them. Associate Members join the Titular Members to constitute the membership of the Academy. The group of Associate Members is not limited in number. They are elected by all preceding members, both Titular and Associate. The majority of members from both categories are academics but current members also include a number of judges of courts of supreme and international jurisdiction.
This reflects the fact that the attention of the Academy is directed not only to scientific activity but also to the practice of law. Comparative law has, from its beginnings, always brought together teaching, research and practical concerns. As a result of a recent modification of the Statutes, the Academy has also opened its doors to well-respected Corporate Members, active in the field of Comparative Law. Several remarkable institutions have already joined the Academy and we are expecting the membership of others in the near future.