General Congresses

After the two first congresses of the Academy organized in 1932 and 1937, general congresses have been held every four years without exception since 1950. Most of them have taken place in Europe but they have also been held three times in the Americas, twice in Australia and once in Asia. Currently the number of topics at each general congress has increased to about thirty. One or two “general reporters” are designated to elaborate the comparative study on each topic on the basis of the work of national reporters. The selection of best topics continues to be a serious challenge. Obviously, it is necessary to pay attention to legal evolution, as well as to the arising of new fields, but also to the modifications of the many factors having an impact on the law. Thus, for instance, the unavoidable fact showing that the State is no longer the only legislator shall be taken into account when planning congresses and designating “special” reporters, who will not be always “national” reporters.