French Law for a Comparative Law Perspective: for an Overhaul of Medical Criminal Law?

Le droit français à l’aune du droit comparé : pour un droit pénal médical rénové?
Editeur : Institut Universitaire Varenne, Collection : Colloques & Essais, ISBN : 978-2-37032-122-0

The summary of the book is reproduced hereafter: << Criminal law in medical practice has gained a strong footing in French law. Doctors and judges have been thrust centre stage in legal circles and the media in the context of high-profile public health cases such as Mediator, the PIP defective implants case and more recently the Dépakine epilepsy drug and Essure contraceptive implant cases, as well as particularly sensitive legal and ethical questions on patients and end-of-life. Yet medical criminal law is roundly criticised on the grounds of its lack of accessible rules and limited scope. Under the direction of Professor Patrick MISTRETTA, this conference on “A comparative law perspective on French law: for an overhaul of medical criminal law” hosted at Lyon 3 University by the Criminal Law Centre will examine the validity of this criticism based on a comparative law study bringing together fifteen different countries.
The objective of the conference is to compare French criminal law to the criminal law systems in other countries with a view to drawing up proposals for reform of French criminal law in medical practice, in light of the findings of comparative law.>>.

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