Academic Events

Ceremony in honour of 5 great comparatists, Paris, 15 May 2017

On 15 May 2017, the International Academy of Comparative Law organized a ceremony in honour of 5 great comparatists: MARY ANN GLENDON (Laudator: MARTA CARTABIA) HEIN KÖTZ (Laudator: BÉNÉDICTE FAUVARQUE-COSSON) XAVIER BLANC-JOUVAN (Laudator: ATTILA HARMATHY) JEAN-LOUIS... read more

Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime, 3-10/9

Le 35ème Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime est organisé les 3-10/9. Le titre du symposium est : « Preventing and Controlling Economic Crime in the Modern World – whose responsibility and are they really up to it? ». Pour plus d’informations,... read more